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Students are advised to follow this page regularly, in order to catch up with the latest information about the course.

Exam results, assigned problems, exam dates, i.e. any information and announcements about the course will be available here.


You are encouraged to join Facebook group of the course created for each section. All of the news, information and announcements are available in the course groups.

Office Hours : Monday 14:00 - 17:00


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Section 1



* Midterm 1 results are uploaded at GRADES section.

* Objection Date: 17.04.2014 between 13:30 - 15:00 @ K6-111.




* There will be a recitation on 15.04.2014 (Tuesday) at TH6 at 12:40.

* You may download Homework 1&2 Updated Solutions from the "HOMEWORKS" and grades from "GRADES" sections.

*You may get your homeworks from the homework shelves at K2 and K7 Buildings connection.

* You may download Homework 1&2 Solutions from the "Homeworks Section"

* Late submittion of Homework 2 is until 4:30 pm at 2.04.2014. It will not be accepted at Exam day.

* You may download Homework 2.

* Extra Recitation will be held on Thursday (13.03.2014) 13:40 at TH1.

* Recitation is postponed 11.03.2014 Tuesday at 08:40 at CES2.

* Recitation is postponed 11.03.2014 Tuesday. Time of the lecture will be announced during day.

* There will be no Recitation during 16 - 30 March 2014. That's why, an extra Recitation will be held on Thursday (13.03.2014) 8:40 at TH6.

* There will be no Office Hour between 16 - 30 March 2014.

* First Recitation will be done at 10:40 o'clock at CES2 on Monday (10.03.2014).

* You may download Homework 1.





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